Halloween Pennant

It’s Halloween Night
For your viewing pleasure
the Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Celithemis eponina

Halloween PennantClick on the photo for a better look

Photographed at Cement Creek Pond, Meacham Airport, Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

Leave a comment if you have seen this dragonfly or if you like the photo.



About Troy

Retired Scientist and Naturalist. Avid Bible reader
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5 Responses to Halloween Pennant

  1. Jane Lovedahl says:

    What a beautiful Dragonfly!! I really appreciate your sharing this wonderful photo with all of us.

    Thanks so much, Troy.

  2. Karla Grimwood says:

    What a gorgeous picture! You really have a talent for photography. Thanks for letting us be your audience.

  3. Lorain says:

    Troy and Martha, this is a wonderful speciman. You two sure have been given a gift and your doing exactly what you should be… sharing. Thanks for the lovely Halloween Pennant. I sure miss seeing you guys.

  4. Karan says:

    beautiful as usual Troy

  5. dev says:

    amazing image. love the composition.

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