Mystery #1

Every few weeks, I will post a mystery item from nature for your fun.This one should not be too hard.

Closeup #1, Canon G10


I am not posting any tags for this. Tomorrow I will post a slightly expanded view. and the day after, the full view and name. If it’s too easy, I will post the full view tomorrow. Leave a guess or at least post a comment.

Be sure to scroll down and see the Bumelia Webworm Moth (my first post on WordPress)


About Troy

Retired Scientist and Naturalist. Avid Bible reader
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14 Responses to Mystery #1

  1. jsm says:

    I am sure that mystery #1 is a shrimp caught in a net. Right?

  2. Geogypsy says:

    Maybe some kind of wasp?
    Really like the header.

    I won’t be replacing the hot water heater as it’s a very old RV. Just going to bypass it so I can at least have cold running water.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. willow says:

    Great photo, Troy.

    I’ll be interested to see how you like WordPress.

  4. Hey Troy….

    I like the new format. How do you like it compared to Blogger? Been thinking of switching to wordpress as well…


  5. Gallicissa says:

    Greetings from Sri Lanka!
    Conrats on your new nature blog with WordPress!

    Thanks for greeting me with such a wonderful image on my first visit here.

    Tough one….mmmmm

    If I am asked to identify it in gun-point, I would go for Red Saddlebag.

  6. Marvin says:

    Looking good, Troy.

    A special “Thank You” for allowing your full post to show on Google Reader. That’s a major aid to someone stuck with dial up as I am.

    I’m clueless about the mystery, though.

  7. Arija says:

    It does look like a superbly preserved Egyptian goddess, but I guess it is a modern Dragonfly.

    Great idea to have just a nature blog. I may have to follow suit. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Really interesting geometry going on there…
    It’s name?   I’m guessing it’s something like Bob or Bill, but what do I know…

    Gave you a link on my sidebar — glad to see you’re back up and running… So many folks have switched over to WordPress from Blogspot — good luck with it.

  9. Dewdrop says:

    Outstanding, Troy!

  10. Bob says:

    Very cool site, and different, with your great Photography skills should be a winner, I will add this site to my blogroll, again very cool.

  11. Love the photo! The thorax and wings of…hmmm… this is harder than you think it is, Troy. 😉 Is it a wasp?

  12. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, Troy. I like the new site — look forward to seeing more of your great photography here!

    Oh, and my guess would be a dragonfly of some sort, maybe a saddlebag or an amberwing?

  13. Fishing Guy says:

    Troy: I would have to guess part of a butterfly, although I can’t guess the type.

  14. jackeymein says:

    Hay!! these pictures are truly impressive…good keep it going….


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